91 Journalism Blogs and Websites You Will Love

If you read Journalistics a lot, you know we love us some journalism. We know you love journalism too. The truth is, there are a lot of other journalism blogs and websites out there that do a better job at it than we do. If it weren’t for the 91 journalism blogs and websites on this list, we’d be clueless about what’s going on out there.

There is no ranking or secret formula to this list. We’ve done our best to break this list into some bite-sized categories (big bites), but there is no science behind our organization. It’s just a list of journalism blogs and websites we like – many of which you probably know about already. Then again, your new favorite blog might be on this list. There’s only one way to find out…

Academic Journalism Blogs

  • AEJMC Newspaper Division Blog – this blog is an adjunct to the Newspaper Division of the Association of Education in Journalism & Mass Communication (AEJMC)
  • BuzzMachine by Jeff Jarvis – what can you say? This blog is on every list of top journalism blogs (and it belongs on all of them); if you’re not reading BuzzMachine, you should be
  • Columbia Journalism Review (CJR) – CJR is another must-read journalism blog. It features all the latest and greatest discussions on journalism today
  • PressThink – a one-person show devoting its space to an interesting, long-term press critique in weblog form. That’s how Jay Rosen describes his blog. Let’s just say this is another one of those “start here” blogs – it should be on everyone’s reading list.
  • Editors Weblog – a publication of the World Editors Forum
  • Teaching Online Journalism by Mindy McAdams – notes from the classroom and observations about today’s practice of journalism online
  • journajunkie – a blog about all things journalism, produced by Marsha Ducey, a journalism professor and old-school print news woman who is diving into the world of convergence journalism

Online Journalism Blogs

  • Online Journalism Review (OJR) – probably the “start here” blog in this category, Online Journalism Review is the Knight Digital Media Center’s blog on news, commentary and media criticism for online journalists, publishers and other bloggers
  • Andy Dickinson – online journalism, newspaper video and digital media
  • Publishing 2.0 – a blog about how technology is transforming media, news and journalism
  • Journalism.org – this site is produced by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism – it’s jam-packed with information on everything you ever wanted to know about journalism
  • Net Worked (SPJ) – formerly Technolo-J, this SPJ blog is dedicated to covering “tomorrow’s digital journalism today” (it’s a great blog all around)
  • Eat Sleep Publish – thoughts on the future of publishing; Eat Sleep Publish is a blog dedicated to exploring and understanding the challenges and opportunities facing newspapers, book publishers, and magazines as they strive to understand new media and find ways to support themselves in the digital age.
  • MediaShift (PBS) – your guide to the digital media revolution
  • Peter Kafka | Media Memo | AllThingsD – Peter has been covering media and technology since 1997, enough said.
  • Campfire Journalism – notes on teaching interactive storytelling
  • CyberJournalist – a leading site about online news, digital technology and innovation in media
  • Contentious – Amy Gahran’s news and musings on how we communicate in the online age
  • Convergence Commons – Jackie Hai’s blog on multimedia, business and community education
  • E-Media Tidbits (Poynter) – news and analysis from the world of online journalism, media and publishing
  • Ink Drained Kvetch – ramblings on journalism, media and work in the digital age
  • News for Digital Journalists – dedicated to helping good journalism – and good journalists – thrive in the digital age
  • The Kicker (CJR’s Daily Blog) – another great blog that always has fresh content on the world of journalism – one my favorite CJR blogs
  • SteveOuting.com – former “Stop the Presses!” columnist for Editor & Publisher, Steve Outing is a veteran journalist who regularly blogs on digital media, Web 2.0 and news in the Internet era
  • Journerdism – online journalism, multimedia, social media, mobile, tech news and ideas
  • Vadim Lavrusik – put this on your “ones to watch” list too. Vadim covers all the latest developments on advancements in digital media and online journalism, from the perspective of recent grad pursuing his Master of Science in Digital Media at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. He also writes for Poynter and Mashable on digital media and online journalism topics.
  • Innovation Journalism – comments on the development of the concept and the community of Innovation Journalism
  • DigiDave – David Cohn’s blog from the perspective of a Knight News Challenge winner and founder of Spot.Us (see below); Journalism is a process, not a product
  • Invisible Inkling – Ryan Sholin’s blog about the changing news business, journalism education and the technologies that support them
  • These Digital Times – John Welsh’s blog dedicated to observing and supporting all our journeys from traditional to digital media (this one’s a little out of date – hopefully John will pick things back up in 2010)
  • Institute for Analytic Journalism – site dedicated to researching and developing non-traditional methods and communications tools for journalism – there are a lot of good nuggets here
  • The Linchpen – Greg Linch’s blog about online journalism and journalism education
  • Reportr.net – making sense of the intersection between media, society and technology

Media Commentary & Political Journalism Blogs

  • Arian Monck – views on the news business
  • Below the Fold – media commentary from a recovering journalist
  • Reflections of a Newsosaur – musings (and occasional urgent warnings) of a veteran media executive, who fears our news-gathering companies are stumbling to extinction
  • Steve Yelvington’s Media Weblog – Steve Yelvington is a lifelong journalist and strategist for a media company
  • Save the Media – veteran journalist Gina Chen advocates that the news media embrace new media and change its content for the Web
  • News After Newspapers – an examination of the tools and techniques for journalism and news publishing that are rising as newspapers fall
  • Regret the Error – reports on media corrections, retractions, apologies, clarifications and trends regarding accuracy and honesty in the press
  • TPM Muckraker -where journalists working for the TPM collective (TPM stands for “Talking Points Memo”, if you’ve heard of them) investigate political corruption
  • Center for Media and Democracy – the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) was founded in 1993 as an independent, non-profit, non-partisan, public interest organization. This blog is all about promoting transparency and fair and accurate reporting.
  • Michael Calderone’s Blog (Politico) – Michael Calderon’s Politico blog examines the press with a behind-the-scenes view into major print and broadcast coverage
  • On The Media: This Week (NPR) – this blog represents the weekly, one-hour NPR program devoted to media criticism and analysis
  • Capital Eye Blog – the blog for the Center for Responsive Politics
  • Mediaite – Mediaite is a news and opinion blog and aggregator for the media industry. Coverage includes newspapers, magazines, online and television (see our related post here)
  • Romenesko – Jim Romenesko’s Poynter blog providing your daily fix of media industry news, commentary and memos
  • Newspaper Death Watch – chronicling the decline of newspapers and the rebirth of journalism
  • Old Media, New Tricks – a blog offering hands-on advice for “old media” on how to use new media
  • Pressing Issues – Greg Mitchell on media, politics, film, music, satire, TV and more
  • JOUR M02 Writing and Reporting for the Media – another random blog you won’t find on a lot of the other lists, but there’s some good interesting content on this one
  • Rhetorica – Press-Politics Journal – The Rhetorica Network offers analysis and commentary about media ethics and the rhetoric, propaganda, biases, and spin of journalism

Citizen Journalism Blogs

  • pjnet (Public Journalism Network) – the official blog of the Center for Sustainable Journalism at Kennesaw State University. The blog regularly features content surrounding public and citizen journalism and how to get citizens’ voices heard.
  • Mediactive – Dan Gillmor’s insightful blog, aimed at helping us all become active and informed users of media
  • The Editorialiste – citizen journalism has become a watchdog for professional journalists, who in turn report on the very phenomenon that watches them. But who’s watching both? That’s where The Editorialiste comes in.
  • Cplash – the citizen journalism site, Cplash presents citizen’s views on news and matters concerning society in India and the rest of the world. While not focused on the U.S., Cplash is a great resource on this topic.
  • I, Reporter – inspiring, guiding and educating citizen journalists and the news organizations that work with them
  • Independent Media Center – IndyMedia is a collective of independent media organizations and hundreds of journalists offering grassroots, non-corporate coverage
  • Alltop – Top Citizen Journalism News – citizen journalism news and headlines from across the Web

Investigative Journalism Blogs

  • The Muckraker – one of several excellent investigative reporting blogs from the Center for Investigative Reporting, the nation’s oldest nonprofit investigative news organization
  • at-Largely – Larisa Alexandrovna’s blog for investigative journalists, written from the perspective of an investigative journalist
  • Washington Post Investigations – watchdog journalism from The Post and around the Web
  • Nieman Watchdog Blog – a blog dedicated to the questions the press should ask

Journalism Design Sites and Blogs

  • Blogging Gestalt Design – Gestalt is the foundation of visual grammar and composition – this blog is dedicated to Gestalt principles in design as they apply to journalism
  • Visual Editors – this Ning community serves as a classroom for visual journalism, promoting visual journalism literacy in graphics, photo, video and design

Journalism Startup Sites & Blogs

  • CommPilings – MemeTracker builds maps of the daily news cycle by analyzing around 900,000 news stories and blog posts per day from 1 million online sources
  • I Want Media – a portal site for media (magazines, books, television, etc.)
  • True/Slant – an original content news network tailored to both the “entrepreneurial journalist” and marketers who want a more effective way to engage with digital audiences. Contributors, consumers and marketers each have a voice on True/Slant.
  • paidContent – a news/resource site covering all types of paid content business models, subscription-enabling technologies and related corporate initiatives
  • MediaShift IdeaLab – IdeaLab s a group blog of Knight News Challenge grant winners
  • Journalism 2.0 – Mark Briggs is an author and former co-founder of Serra Media, a Seattle-based tech company that connects local publishers with interactive applications and digital platforms that power online innovations
  • Spot.Us – one of the more innovative models in journalism today, Spot.Us is dedicated to community-funded journalism. If you haven’t checked them out, you should.

General Interest & Miscellaneous Journalism Blogs

  • Topix Journalism News – news on journalism, continually updated from thousands of sources on the net
  • Alltop Journalism – journalism news and headlines from across the Web
  • TVNewser – mediabistro.com – all the latest news on the TV news business
  • loose wire blog – Jeremy Wagstaff’s (ex-WSJ, BBC, Reuters journalist/columnist) blog about technology “usage and abusage”
  • The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press – everything you’d want to know about the latest developments surrounding this core Freedom we enjoy in the U.S.
  • Lost Remote – local online news, advertising, hyperlocal, you name it.
  • Scooping the News – a blog dedicated to just that, written by journalists, former journalists and future journalists
  • Depth Reporting – Mark Schaver, an assistant metro editor for The Courier-Journal, blogs about journalism, technology, useful websites and stuff that strikes him as interesting, funny or worthwhile
  • Alliance of Women Film Journalists – the blog of the Alliance of Women Film Journalists
  • Jon Slattery – a freelance journalist writing from London, England.
  • VideoJournalism – as you might expect, this blog is all about video journalism and everything in between

Just for Fun

  • Overheard in the Newsroom – overheard in the newsroom is a funny blog about things people have overheard in newsrooms. You’ll be surprised what gets talked about in newsrooms. You can also follow them on Twitter here.
  • FakeAPStylebook – this isn’t a site, but rather a Twitter user to follow. Follow @apstylebook for a regular dose of journalistic humor.
  • Stuff Journalists Like – seriously, this blog will crack you up. It’s a blog about, well, stuff journalists like. You know, like inverted pyramids, bylines, All the President’s Men and AP Stylebooks.
  • AngryJournalist – this site is for the underpaid, overworked, frustrated and pissed off and ignored media professionals. The site is currently going through some technical difficulties, but when it’s back up and running, it deserves a place on this list. Great content and cool t-shirts.

Technology Blogs

There are a few technology blogs worth mentioning on this list, because they regularly post about topics relevant to media business today. These blogs include:

  • Fast Company – regularly writes about journalism technology and media business trends
  • TechCrunch – a great source of information on technology startups, many related to journalism and social media
  • Mashable – everything from Mashable is relevant to what you’re doing today, providing you’re working online. You’re probably already reading it.
  • TechDirt – TechDirt aggregates content from a lot of great sources. This site regularly features journalism-related content from hardcore journalists.

Why 91? That’s where we decided to stop. Want to get that number up to 101? Let us know about the journalism blogs and websites we left off the list. Agree with one of our suggestions? Feel free to chime in…

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Jeremy Porter has been passionate about the intersection of public relations and journalism since studying both Public Relations and Journalism at Utica College of Syracuse University in the late 90s. Porter launched Journalistics in 2009 to share his ideas and insights around both professions and how trends and developments in modern day marketing, communications, and technology impact those working in these fields. Porter also values the traditions and history of both professions and regularly shares his perspective in these areas - and related topics geared toward the next generation of journalism and public relations professionals.


    • You should be shocked. RWW and Wired do feature and equal amount of journalism/technology related content. Remember, we’re talking about “journalism” here, so I’m less convinced about GigaOm and InfoWorld. Thanks for the suggestions.

  1. Why isn’t the biggest journalism watchdog site on here? newsbusters.org. Let me guess, you’re a liberal that doesn’t like reading criticism that uses too many supporting sentences?

    • Actually David, I didn’t come across it in my search. Thanks for the suggestion. Feel free to swing by again sometime if you want to guess more about why I do the things I do.

  2. Thanks for this list. How long did this take you and do you follow most of them?

    As a 21-year old journalist that is increasingly more interested in the state of journalism, especially new forms of media and journalism, this list was very helpful. If I thought following the blogs I am no was fun, and somewhat overwhelming at times, I can’t wait to see what I do adding a few more to my list.

    • It took me a lot longer than I thought. I read about 3/4 of the blogs on that list, but was researching new blogs to check out in 2010. I asked for some suggestions on Twitter, but mostly dug and sized them up on my own over the past couple of weeks. I know there are a lot of gaps, but I feel like the list is pretty comprehensive. It made sense that I should share some of the information I was finding in the form of a post – even if it was a super-long one.

  3. Thanks for that nice and usefull list – a lot to read though… Soon I will write a post about social news networks like digg or webnews and their impact in US vs. Germany… mabey you could help me with your expertise concerning the US-side of the topic… ?

  4. OK, how about these blogs?

    Advancing The Story: http://www.advancingthestory.com (Broadcast journalism in a multimedia world.)

    Hyperlocal Blogger: http://www.hyperlocalblogger.com (Provides advice on to start a hyperlocal blog, and monetize it.)

    Matters of Varying Insignificance: http://www.john-zhu.com/blog (Deals with a variety of topics, including journalism and sports.)

    Outside The News Box: http://potterg2000.wordpress.com (Another blog dealing with broadcast journalism, specifically TV news, and new media.)

    Word Count: http://www.michellerafter.com (Focuses mainly on freelance writing, with an emphasis on monetizing content in the digital age.)

  5. Here are some other journalism-related blogs to consider:

    Advancing The Story–http://advancingthestory.wordpress.com

    Hyperlocal Blogger–http://www.hyperlocalblogger.com

    Matters of Varying Insignificance–http://www.john-zhu.com/blog

    News Videographer–http://www.newsvideographer.com

    Outside The News Box–http://potterg2000.wordpress.com

    Word Count–http://www.michellerafter.com

  6. Thanks for spreading the word that the AEJMC Newspaper Division isn’t just out there pulping the forest!

    For newcomers, the main AEJMC.org site and its News, Talk, HotTopics and Classifieds sections are great resources; the site also has a list of all the association’s divisions and their related pages, blogs, conferences, etc.

    AEJMC.org is the main organization. AEJMC.net addresses are used by some of the divisions — for instance, the Newspaper Division has http://aejmc.net/newspaper for a mostly-archival home page and http://aejmc.net/news for our new blog.

    (And if I have something to say that isn’t really about newspapers, I put it in my “Other Journalism” blog.)

  7. That’s a great list, if you’re into RSS feed management or reading via RSS readers.
    But if you’d prefer to consume the news, rather than be consumed by it, http://portal.eqentia.com/newsfuture already follows/aggregates all these and a total of 300 journalism-related blogs, plus thousands of other sources that track the “Future of News” topic a whole. You can sign-up and receive a daily digest or visit the site that has already indexed 11,000 articles on this subject, including semantic tagging on the content.

  8. Here’s a report that I wrote for The Media Consortium (released Fall ’09) that might be useful to folks:
    The Big Thaw: Charting a New Future for Journalism
    What are the next game-changers in media? The Big Thaw is a guide for how journalism organizations can succeed in the new media landscape. The study was released by The Media Consortium, a group of 40 leading independent media organization such as Mother Jones, The Nation, Salon.com, AlterNet and Talking Points Memo.
    It includes trends, biz models, strategies, leading innovations & ideas and, most importantly, a framework for adapting to the paradigm shift going on around us.

    (1) Download a full PDF copy

    (2) Follow my Tweets for quotes and links about the future of media that you can retweet

    What people are saying about The Big Thaw:

    “If you care about the future of media, read every page.”
    – Jason Barnett, The Uptake, a cutting edge citizen journalism organization

    “… refreshingly different from every other report published this year (including our own) … the report’s strength rests on the authors’ ability to bring remarkable clarity to the complex transitions taking place in our media, and to outline clear and achievable next steps for independent media to survive, thrive and recreate themselves for the future.”
    – Josh Stearns, Free Press, full review

    “… a must-read for anyone trying ‘save journalism’ … a rich repository of observations, anecdotes and predictions”
    – Jessica Clark, The Center for Social Media, American University, full review

  9. Would suggest including poynter’s e-media tidbits blog, the group I joined after LostRemote.
    also follow former LR blogger Steve Safran and the very, very smart Terry Heaton over at AR&D. Howard Owens is digging the hyperlocal dirt first person and blogging it, and Mark Luckie’s blog 10,000 words is always worth a visit, as is mediastorm, rosenblumtv… oh, I could go on and on, I guess after blogging this all for more than for a decade now, there’s a lot of company. cheers, d@j

    • I swear, 10,000 words was on my list originally. I must have deleted by accident during editing. It belongs on the list too, thanks!

  10. Thanks for including the SPJ Net Worked blog. It’s a great place to read up on how to use everything from Google Maps to becoming a one-man-band reporter:)

  11. There is Kevin Heldman- – Livingston award in International Reporting, IRE awards, Fund for Investigative Journalism Fellow, Carter Center Journalism Fellow, Online Journalism award, Scripps Howard award, 2 National Mental Health Journalism awards. He does investigative journalism, deep immersion reporting. Site is Every Single Word Is True .
    I like his stuff, being kevin heldman and all.

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