Monitor Check-In and Review Sites to Boost Business

When something doesn’t smell or taste right to you, what do you do? You tell your friends around you to smell or taste it to see if they agree. They hesitantly comply and either confirm or deny your position. A similar scenario unfolds with social media all the time, but with an adverse effect. Peer reviews are being posted and instead of readers jumping on board to share the displeasure, they’re simply accepting their peers’ opinions as their own.

Location-based services (LBS) like Foursqure, Gowalla and Facebook Places – the apps consumers use to ‘check-in’ at your business, or review sites like Yelp!, Google Local / Google Places, OpenTable and Citysearch, the services consumers use to rate and review your business, can make or break your business. Consumers will opt not to visit your business if they read a bad review. Likewise, positive reviews can send swarms of customers your way. The problem is customers usually only post reviews when they’re upset. [Read more…]