How to Create a Communications Strategy

how to create communications strategyA lot of organizations have separate documented communication strategies for each communications discipline. Your organization may have a public relations strategy, marketing communications strategy, social media strategy and sales strategy, all operating in parallel to accomplish often similar (or exact) goals. I suggest having one, clear and cohesive communications strategy that covers all communications activities within your organization. If there are different people responsible for each strategy, get them all in the same room to create a single one (this goes for any organizational-wide plans as far as I’m concerned).

With communication plans, you’re ultimately developing and delivering messages to target audiences for a desired outcome – that is the fundamental formula. If you’re new to creating communications strategies, or want to match your approach up to an alternative approach, I’ve provided some suggestions below for creating your comprehensive communications strategy. [Read more…]

Where To Spend Your Marketing Budget in 2013

If you’re a lucky marketer, when you ring in the New Year on Monday night, it will also mark the start of a new budget year for you. If this describes your situation, you’ve most likely spent the last month in planning sessions – figuring out how to get the most for your marketing dollars. If you’ve got your plan fully-baked, I’m going to hope that some of the tips I provide below are already on your roadmap for 2013. If not, I hope I can persuade you to consider some new options. If you’re a procrastinator and you haven’t started to think about budget allotment for 2013, I’ve done some of the work for you below. If it were my budget, this is where I’d spend it in 2013.

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Exceed Client Expectations Without Exceeding the Budget

With today’s unpredictable stock market and still-fragile economy, every dollar counts. Budgets remain slim for many PR agencies and the clients they serve. Despite these lean times, PR practitioners still need to deliver exemplary results for clients. Those of us who act as the day-to-day point person for clients are the ones responsible for client satisfaction. Many PR agencies may not have the resources to over-deliver to clients, but we can still accomplish what we promise – and dazzle them while doing it.

Some of us may have pulled back because we are worried about the bottom line. If that’s the case, there’s no time like the present to come up with some new, creative ways to add value to your clients. Why? Happy clients are most likely stay with your firm. If you can claim credit for their happy state-of-mind, your boss or supervisor will see you as an asset. [Read more…]