How to Create an Editorial Calendar

Editorial CalendarMost magazines (print and online) publish an editorial calendar – a detailed summary of the cover story, feature stories or overall focus of each issue. Weeklies, dailies and quarterlies all provide an incredible amount of detail as far as a year in advance about what they plan to cover in future issues.

The editorial calendar is primarily a vehicle to help the publishing staff of these publications to sell ad space for future issues, since brands are most likely to advertise in an issue that focuses on a topic its core audiences will be most interest in. Over the years, editorial calendars for magazines have also been useful resources for clever PR professionals – useful guides to targeting PR opportunities for clients around major coverage areas. Most major PR software vendors now incorporate publication editorial calendars into their products, further simplifying the process of targeting PR opportunities based on what publications are writing about.

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The Secret Formula for Online Video

There are a lot of brands out there searching for the secret to virality when it comes to online videos. They all want to find the next ad their ad could be like. Most fail miserably. Others clearly shouldn’t have tried video in the first place.

Once in a while, a brand stumbles across a concept that just clicks. Such is the case with Coca-Cola and its “Happiness Machine” video, one of last year’s most successful campaigns. In the video, unsuspecting college students are surprised by a vending machine that dispenses everything from flowers and balloon animals to pizza and a 6-foot-long sub. The video has since been viewed more than 3 million times and has spawned similar happiness-themed videos around the globe. If you haven’t seen the original “Happiness Machine”, here it is: [Read more…]

NEW Facebook Groups: Pros and Cons

Somewhere between the (estimated) 10th and 20th Facebook redesigns, I stopped using Facebook Groups. Well, let me clarify: I stopped caring about Groups. I very well could still be a member of the Groups I joined when I first registered for Facebook, which was back in 2005 when it wasn’t even available to all colleges yet (“Praise Urban Meyer and Eat Cake” was one of said groups, a wise decision on my part.)

So when Facebook came out last month announcing it was improving its Group features, it came as a shock. Facebook still has Groups? I thought Pages did away with that? I don’t even see which Groups I’m in on my profile page (I know it’s there somewhere).

I was flabbergasted. There are Pages about interests and Groups about businesses. So what is it about Groups that set them apart from being lumped in with Pages? In theory, Groups and Pages do the same thing: connect people with similar, dare I pun, likes. So, hoping to gain a little more insight, I did what any red-blooded journalist would do: I Googled. Well, in this instance, I Facebooked… [Read more…]