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I wrote about Facebook for Public Relations back in January and provided a few suggestions for how public relations professionals can use Facebook as part of the PR tool set. Facebook must have really enjoyed the post, because now they have launched a new Facebook for PR Page dedicated to “Best practices and conversations around using Facebook for PR.” I love it.

Facebook is the perfect example of an organization that understands modern day public relations and the importance of integrated social media. Don’t discount the effectiveness of Facebook’s public relations efforts and assume they have some sort of unfair advantage being the world’s largest social network. Facebook uses its own services to extend its brand and earn the loyalty of fans the same way you and I do. That impresses me.

Think of the statement Facebook makes with creating a Page dedicated to talking about how you can use Facebook for PR? The medium supports the message Facebook is trying to get across. Maybe I’m a little over the top here, but the company is doing a lot of things right (remember “How to Build a Better Online Newsroom“?).

Other social networks should take note of this move by Facebook (side note: I’m surprised LinkedIn didn’t do this already, since they’ve had LinkedIn for Journalists for a few years now) . The PR community serves as one of the largest influencer segments online and offline. We advise our clients on the best communications strategies and tactics to use. By strengthening its relationships with public relations professionals, and showing us the right ways to leverage Facebook for PR, the company is making great strides at getting us all to ‘Like’ them more.

The company’s official position on the creation of the Facebook for PR page is to create a forum where it can (I’m paraphrasing) share its learnings about creating social content, promoting events, optimizing Pages and integrating with tools off of Facebook.

I’m on board. Learn more about the effort and join the conversation here.

What do you think? Do you think Facebook for PR is a useful resource for PR professionals? Do you use Facebook for your PR efforts on a daily basis?

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  1. I don’t use Facebook a lot for PR purposes. However, this new launch may change my actions somewhat. They do get a lot of negative press of late but I can appreciate the fact that they simply use their own services to change and reach out to people. You have to admire that about them.

  2. Good post Jeremy, thanks for the tips. I love your blog generally. We use Facebook increasingly for PR launches, especially for consumer launches – with an aim of reaching a large public (not only press). I think ‘Facebook for PR’ has good potential to become a great resource for professionals. It needs more followers and content (experiences) but it will help evangelise this integrated approach you’ve mentioned in you post. For example, at LEWIS PR, we offer clients a social media resource (LEWIS Live: http://live.lewispr.com/) that integrates all social media networks so it becomes easier and easier to promote your news on Facebook (or other channels).

  3. I’m glad they’ve finally launched a page for Pr professionals. I’ve just joined so I’m interested to see how useful it will actually be. Looking forward to it’s progression.

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