Journalistics Internship Experiment

I wrote “Do You Need an Internship to Get a Job?” back in May and hid a subtle offer in the last paragraph: if you need work experience, I’m happy to have you as a guest blogger over the summer. This low exertion internship seemed like the perfect option for students without internships lined up for the summer – or those looking to add even more experience to their resume. When you consider most of the people reading this blog could help them get their first job, it seemed like a fair offer.

I didn’t expect to get 20 responses within 24 hours (and a hat tip to the students at Penn State – several participated in this program). Over the past two months, I’ve been working with a group of students and recent graduates on their posts.

I’ll be featuring their posts over the course of the next few weeks (starting today) and am very impressed by some of the content they created. I hope you’ll join me on commenting on their posts and congratulating them on work well done.

Each post includes the author’s bio with some background on the progress they are making in their studies, or what they are looking for in their first job. Feel free to connect and help them grow as professionals. Thanks for your help.

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Jeremy Porter has been passionate about the intersection of public relations and journalism since studying both Public Relations and Journalism at Utica College of Syracuse University in the late 90s. Porter launched Journalistics in 2009 to share his ideas and insights around both professions and how trends and developments in modern day marketing, communications, and technology impact those working in these fields. Porter also values the traditions and history of both professions and regularly shares his perspective in these areas - and related topics geared toward the next generation of journalism and public relations professionals.


  1. I’m looking forward to reading these student articles. Yes, students are hungry out there (I understand your 20 responses), demand vastly increases supply. We need to find a way to chop up internships into projects that students and companies can work together on.

  2. With the great emphasis on having an internship and experience before you graduate, it’s great to see opportunities like this open up.

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