MediaOnTwitter Wiki 2.0

As announced on this morning, the MediaOnTwitter wiki is getting an upgrade. The new MediaOnTwitter wiki will be powered by TrackVia’s online database, and will be the “first shareable media database available to Twitter users.”


To generate interest for the database, the MediaOnTwitter team is giving away a Kindle 2 to on lucky winner on April 13. Anyone can enter by completing two simple tasks:

  1. Enter a media contact through the form found here.
  2. Post a tweet before April 13th that references MediaOnTwitter and the tag #mediatweet

The new MediaOnTwitter database will launch after April 20th. Some of the new improvements will include:

  • Improved Data Entry – rather than relying on editors to update the wiki, anyone can submit media contact information through a convenient Web form. Editors will review submissions and approved entries will be populated across a shared database.
  • Improved Organization – users will have more options for how they can browse media records across the international database, making it easier to find contacts by country, media outlet, name, beat, etc.
  • Enhanced Collaboration – the database will be open to more users in more places, encouraging more mass collaboration and peer production to maintain and expand the database across the globe.

We’ve been a fan of the MediaOnTwitter effort and are glad to see the resource evolving into a full-fledged media relations tool. These new improvements are sure to further community support for the solution among both media and PR professionals. Help A Reporter Out (HARO), will also encourage media to add their listings when they submit queries.

How will the MediaOnTwitter wiki help you? What do you think of this idea?

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