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stuff-journalists-likeI stumbled across an interesting blog the other day called Stuff Journalists Like. The blog, as you might suspect, is devoted to stuff journalists like. The blog’s editors are journalists with a good sense of humor.

Some of the stuff journalists like that I found particularly entertaining were:

  • #3 Free Food
  • #5 The Good Old Days
  • #12 Inverted Pyramids
  • #14 Bylines
  • #30 Press Releases
  • #75 Low Pay

If you couldn’t guess from the sample list above, the posts on this blog are filled with sarcasm and just a little bit of tongue and cheek. Which is exactly the type of humor I find amusing when thinking about journalism stereotypes. While some might find the “stuff” less than amusing, journalists with a good sense of humor will get a kick out of this blog.

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