What Led You to PR or Journalism?

how did you end up in pr or journalism?Time for some reminiscing. Think back (for some of you, think way, way back). What led you to PR or journalism? Did you know you wanted to work in PR or journalism before college, or did you discover the field later in life? If the latter, what did you do before?

If I’m asking you to share your story, it’s only fair I share mine. I wrote for my high school newspaper and loved it. I edited our class yearbook in high school and loved it. I even spent my free time at home working on an underground newspaper (much harder in the days of typewriters) – which I also loved. [Read more…]

The Best Four Years: Advice for College Students

It is often said that college is the best four years of your life. In my opinion, the “best” years of anyone’s life are something that is left to self interpretation.

As I enter my senior year, I find myself thinking a lot about what I’ve accomplished so far, and the things I wish I had done so far in college.

I know I can’t do everything, but I’ve never regretted a decision to take on a new opportunity.

The best decision I made in college was to join my campus chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). I have been able to network with the best and brightest students in the field, learn from knowledgeable and distinguished professionals, gain experience through internships, and enhance my leadership skills.

If I could give one piece of advice to any college student, it is to join a professional organization that relates to their major. The commitment of a few hours a week will pay off in so many ways when it is time to enter the real world. [Read more…]

The Undergraduate’s Guide to Landing a Job in PR

In today’s economy, your odds of landing a job could be comparable to winning the lottery. Five years ago, landing a decent job after college was not that hard, as long as you had a degree. At least that’s what a lot of us think. Today, recent graduates are struggling to land not only a decent job, but any job at all.

In discussions with other graduates who have successfully landed a job after college, here is a guide to some ‘hidden secrets’ you may find useful when you begin searching for your dream job: [Read more…]

Do You Need An Internship to Get a Job in PR?

It’s the end of another school year for a lot of PR students. Most of you probably have internships lined up. The rest of you must be more interested in lounging by the pool this summer. Or maybe you’re wondering the same thing I am: do you really need an internship to get a job in PR?

It seems like you can’t get a job (let alone an interview) in PR without a couple of internships under your belt, yet many students opt to skip the internship process until the last minute, squeezing one in right after college in hopes of turning it into a full time job (or never interning at all).

Let’s answer the question – I’ll address both the “yes” and “no” options… [Read more…]