The Two Most Effective Media Relations Tactics for 2013

two most effective media relations tacticsYou want more publicity, don’t you? Whether it’s for yourself, your organization or the clients you represent, more publicity is a good thing. For many of us, it’s what attracted us to media relations in the first place. It was pure magic the first time I read an article in print that was the result of a story I pitched. In this post, I’ll share what I believe to be the two most effective media relations tactics for 2013 (hint: it’s all about inbound and real-time).

Before I get to the two most effective media relations tactics for 2013, let’s agree that the smile and dial approach doesn’t work anymore.  In the example I shared above, I used the ‘smile and dial’ approach to land that first placement. Back then, if you called enough reporters, you would eventually find a couple willing to listen to your pitch – and perhaps one or two that would write a story. When I think back to what I was actually doing, I was interrupting busy journalists with pitches that probably had nothing to do with the stories they wrote about on a daily basis. While I’ve long since learned my lessons (and taken my fair share of tongue lashings from irritated journalists), I worry about the young professionals who are still calling down a media list trying to get anybody to write about the story they’re pitching. It’s wrong and it gives the PR profession a bad name – even if media relations is only a small subset of all the elements of public relations (for you purists out there). [Read more…]

Stop the Interruption: Push Versus Pull in Media Relations

Got a second? Is this a good time for you? If I called you and asked you to read this blog post right now, chances are the timing wouldn’t be right for you. If on the other hand you discovered this post on your own terms and decided it was a good time to read it, I would have a much better chance at having your undivided attention. This is the difference between a push versus pull approach to your communications efforts.

While this is a topic I’ve been thinking about a lot the past couple of years, I have to give a nod to HubSpot for introducing me to the term Interruption Marketing, though others coined the term before them. HubSpot is in the inbound marketing business, or as I like to put it, they help you get the most out of your content to pull prospects to you.

The following post details the differences between an interruption (push) or inbound (pull) approach to media relations, and why I think the latter is more effective at generating sustainable results for your public relations investment. [Read more…]