Publishers Split on Paid Online News Content Debate

I hate paying for online news content. It’s not that I don’t value reporting, it’s that I can get the scoop on what’s going on from a lot of different free news sources these days. Unless you’re the only source of the particular topic I’m interested in, the content has little monetary value to me. Then again, I have paid to access articles online in recent months, and I’ll probably do it again. Usually it’s for the convenience of instant access, rather than for the content itself. So I’m really 50/50 on whether or not I think paid content will work. [Read more…]

New Startup Delivers More Perspective With News Coverage

Newsy looks pretty cool, but that’s just one perspective. This new online news site combines multiple sources of information to try to present a more fair and balanced view of the news. More perspectives. They gather news coverage from around the world and present an objective view of each story. You know, like real journalists are supposed to do?

Newsy is a new business model for journalism, operating on the assumption that most of the content we are exposed to is repetitive or revolving around a single perspective. Just flip through the channels on your TV set and you’ll get many different perspectives. Even the weather people on our local stations have a different idea of what it’s going to be like tomorrow. And then there’s the issue of what the rest of the world thinks about a story outside the U.S. I’m thinking more about global issues here than the weather. [Read more…]

Create Your Own Social News Site With Slinkset

I recently stumbled across Slinkset in my regular quest for new journalism business models (technically it’s been around since last summer). Slinkset enables you to create your own social news site in seconds (think Reddit or Digg). I was a little skeptical about how easy it could really be, so I created a Journalistics Slinkset site. Now it’s not as pretty as Reddit or Digg, but it took me five minutes start to finish to set it up. I estimate it would take another hour of my time to customize it further. Compare this to months of development and tens of thousands of dollars to build a site like this the old fashioned way, and it’s pretty impressive.

Of course, when I discovered Slinkset was a Y Combinator company I was less surprised. Y Combinator has launched some of my favorite startups over the past couple of years, including Reddit, Wufoo, Scribd, Weebly and Backtpe (we use Backtype Connect on this blog). Slinkset is the latest of my favorites to come from Y Combinator’s program. [Read more…]