Online Apps and Tools to Make Your Life Easier

If you haven’t participated in a #journchat discussion yet, you’re missing out. The quality of the discussion is better than ever, as Sarah Evans has continued to build a strong, dedicated and passionate community around current topics in journalism, public relations and social media. If I had to give you one reason to swing by on Monday nights, I’d say you’re guaranteed to learn something new, make new connections and stay ahead of the curve on what’s going on in your industry today (is that one thing?).

One good example I’ll point out is from Question 5 of this week’s discussion, which asked participants to share the online applications, tools and resources that make their lives easier. I captured some of the most-common suggestions below, organized to the best of my ability, in hopes you find at least one resource useful in your daily work. [Read more…]

A Conversation Between Journalists, Bloggers and PR Folks – #journchat

If you’re a Twitter user, chances are good you’ve come across #journchat, a weekly discussion between journalists, bloggers and PR folks that takes place each Monday night in the Twitterverse. It’s consistently one of the top trending topics on Twitter on Monday nights, right up there with presidential addresses and the latest talk about Heroes. #journchat was created by @PRsarahevans and is a brilliant idea and use of Twitter to discuss the most current topics related to journalism and media relations.

What’s most encouraging about this effort is the participation of journalists and bloggers. When I first swung by to check it out, I expected to see mostly PR pros handing out and pushing their agendas. I’m so jaded sometimes. What I found blew my socks off – there was some real insightful dialogue from both sides of the table about working together for the greater good.

Discussions follow an organized Q&A session, where participants can Tweet rapid-fire about their perspective on the issues. It’s an open discussion that’s often hard to keep up with, but will no doubt be the best investment of my time on a weekly basis moving forward. There’s also a weekly recap posted on the #journchat website following each week’s discussion, if you want to get an idea of what you can expect next week. [Read more…]