What Led You to PR or Journalism?

how did you end up in pr or journalism?Time for some reminiscing. Think back (for some of you, think way, way back). What led you to PR or journalism? Did you know you wanted to work in PR or journalism before college, or did you discover the field later in life? If the latter, what did you do before?

If I’m asking you to share your story, it’s only fair I share mine. I wrote for my high school newspaper and loved it. I edited our class yearbook in high school and loved it. I even spent my free time at home working on an underground newspaper (much harder in the days of typewriters) – which I also loved. [Read more…]

PR is the MVP of Super Bowl Advertising

sodastream.pngAccording to Time, the average cost of running a 30-second spot this coming Sunday is $4 million – up from $3.5 million last year. How do you maximize that type of investment? Kick the PR machine into overdrive in the week leading up to – and following – the big game.

The unsung heroes behind the success of Super Bowl advertising – at least in recent years – are the PR teams that work to generate buzz, anticipation and excitement for the ads before they air. It wasn’t that long ago that we had to wait to be surprised during commercial breaks on the big day. Now, particularly with the dollars at stake – and also in the age of social media, where buzz needs to be seeded a bit – success requires a full-on assault of all marketing disciplines. [Read more…]

The Best PR Blogs Out There

While there is no shortage of “Best PR Blogs” posts out there, I’ve put together a list of my favorites based on what I’m reading these days. Along the way, I found a few I need to spend more time with (and shared them). As a bonus, I also included some non-PR blogs I think PR people should read. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

My Favorite PR Blogs

These are my ‘must have’, can’t live without PR blogs (in alphabetical order)…

  • A Shel of My Former Self – you’ll find Shel Holtz’s blog ‘at the intersection of communication and technology’. Shel knows his stuff, enough said.
  • Brian Solis – Brian offers so much more than “PR” knowledge these days, it’s almost unfair to put him on this list. That said, he’s one of the leading innovators in our industry and is somebody you should pay attention to when he posts (he’s also a pretty nice guy). If you want to know what people will be talking about next year, just read Brian’s blog today.
  • Dave Fleet – PR professional who explores the intersection of communications, marketing and social media. Always great, insightful content on his blog. Surprisingly, Dave is one of the few people on this list I have met. What’s up with that?
  • PRDaily – PRDaily does a great job at sifting through all the top PR news of the day and packaging it in one, nice and tidy digest. PRDaily has climbed to the top of the charts for me in 2010. They do a great job at pulling stories related to PR and social media as well.
  • PRNewser – this is MediaBistro’s best blog. If you want to keep tabs on what’s shakin’ in the PR world, you’ll learn about it first PRNewser (co-editors @jasonchupick and @joeciarallo are great at what they do).
  • PRSarahEvans.com – while I love Sarah’s blog, I find Commentz even more valuable (it’s awesome) – subscribe today, you won’t regret it. Then again, if you don’t know who Sarah Evans is yet, you’ve got some catching up to do (see also #journchat and MediaOnTwitter).
  • PR-Squared – Shift Communications’ blog about social media marketing and public relations (they were blogging about social media before it was cool).

Don’t miss my non-PR blogs PR pros should be reading list on the next page.

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