Twitter Lists for Journalism and PR

Twitter is in the process of rolling out a new feature called Twitter Lists, which will enable all users to create private or public lists of Twitter users as they see fit. I’ve been playing with this feature for a couple of days now and am looking forward to publishing a few lists that I hope will be helpful for @journalistics followers. In the meantime, I thought it would be helpful to give you the quick scoop on what this feature is all about, and how I think it will be useful for journalists and public relations professionals. [Read more…]

Where to Stalk Journalists on Twitter

Journalists are the celebrities of the PR world. Wherever journalists go, there are sure to be some PR pros nearby. The more high-profile the journalist, the bigger the PR crowd – whether it’s a panel discussion at your local PRSA chapter or a journalist discussion on Twitter. I think this is a good thing. I’d be more worried about PR pros that don’t want to meet and learn from journalists.

Twitter is a great example of this dynamic in action. Journalists have flocked to Twitter. It’s the perfect environment for individual journalists to build a personal following with their readers. It’s also great medium for building their personal brands. I believe Twitter provides PR pros the greatest insight into how journalists work and what their individual preferences are, far exceeding any “pitch tips” or journalist profiles they have ever had access to.

The trick to leveraging Twitter for media relations is knowing where to look. There are now several excellent resources for finding journalists on Twitter. I’ve highlighted a few of them for you in this post. [Read more…]

Twitter Forces PR Pros to Get to the Point (Journalists Love It)

pointIs it just me, or are journalists and PR people playing nice in Twitter? For some reason, the media have embraced Twitter as their platform of choice. It’s hard to find an organization (or journalist) that has avoided Twitter’s inertia. Of course, where there are journalists, there are PR people. The most popular PR people on Twitter have tens of thousands of followers on Twitter (and they all follow the media too).

Despite there being many different directories and lists of media on Twitter, there has been little backlash from the media community. And to the best of my knowledge, the “PR spam” issue has yet to rear its ugly head in Twitterland. If that weren’t evidence enough, there’s the wildly popular #journchat (and several copychats) that regularly pull participants from both sides of the aisle (journos and flacks). That’s worth repeating… you have a bunch of journalists openly tweeting with PR folks about how to work more effectively together. The ratio of PR to journos does seem to be more skewed in favor of PR lately though, so it may not last much longer. That’s probably the case with most “tweet chats” in general, but that’s a future post.

So why is Twitter such a great place for journalists and PR people to exchange ideas, get to know one another, and go back to building relationships? PR pros only get 140 characters to get their point across. Which is why a lot of people like Twitter. It forces all of us to get to the point for a change. Let’s face it, some people use too many words. I’m one of them. I could have done without this entire sentence in this paragraph.

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