Top 9 Journalistics Posts of 2009

A popular blog meme for the end of the year is the “greatest hits” post. Since this is our first year with the Journalistics blog, we figured it was a great time to look at the posts you liked most in 2009 – partially for the reader feedback value, but also to introduce some of you who are new to the blog to some of our most popular posts of the year.

We wish all of you a Happy New Year, and hope you’ll continue to read Journalistics in 2010. Without further delay, here’s our list of the top 9 posts of 2009:

  1. Best Schools for Journalism
  2. A Look at How People Share Content on the Web
  3. 10 Reasons Media Relations Will Get Easier in 2010
  4. 70 Percent of Journalists Use Social Networks to Assist in Reporting
  5. How Do You Measure PR?
  6. Twitter Lists for Journalism and PR
  7. 91 Journalism Blogs and Websites You Will Love
  8. Stalking Journalists on Twitter
  9. Journalism 101: 16 Things You Learn In J School

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Thanks for reading Journalistics!

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Jeremy Porter has been passionate about the intersection of public relations and journalism since studying both Public Relations and Journalism at Utica College of Syracuse University in the late 90s. Porter launched Journalistics in 2009 to share his ideas and insights around both professions and how trends and developments in modern day marketing, communications, and technology impact those working in these fields. Porter also values the traditions and history of both professions and regularly shares his perspective in these areas - and related topics geared toward the next generation of journalism and public relations professionals.

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